kris knits (and sews, and crochets, …)

October 19, 2004


Filed under: sewing — Kristin @ 5:48 pm

This is the first thing I made in my Machine Sewing Basics class that I took at Temple from September 21st until tonight.  Not complicated at all, but it got me in the habit of using my sewing machine: a Singer Touch-Tronic 2001 Memory Machine.  I actually got the machine in January but haven’t used it up until now.  My teacher for this class was great: Gail Gaines.  I like the fabric for this pillow a lot.  It’s from a remnant I got at Stapler on 12th and Walnut.  The buttons match pretty nicely, stripes and everything.  I got them at Karlin’s on 8th and Filbert.  I have enough fabric to make another one so I probably will eventually.


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