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December 30, 2004

Crochet Hat and Scarf

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This pattern comes from the Woman’s Day Specials: Quick & Easy Knitting & Crocheting premiere issue.  It’s my first crochet project.  The stitches I learned are ch, sl st, sc, dc, and a special “popcorn” stitch (pc).  The yarn is TLC Cotton Plus 51% cotton / 49% acrylic in the colors Red (3907), Lavendar (3590), Spruce (3503), Cream (3100), and Tan (3303).  I used a size H-8 hook.

Crochet Hat  Crochet Scarf  Crochet Hat and Scarf

December 23, 2004


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I made these shirts for Laura and Kelly for Christmas.  I had bought two little purses on sale at Gap Kids about 3 years ago and instead of just giving them the purses, I decided I’d make matching shirts.  I went out and bought a pattern and fabric and all the notions, and they’ve been sitting in a bag for all this time.  I realize that it’s winter and these are tank tops but the girls can just wait to wear them until spring.  The shirts aren’t really anything they can wear to school, but they’d be good at parties and as bathing suit cover-ups.  Laura’s shirt (pink) is from the McCall’s 3176 pattern and Kelly’s (purple) is from the Simplicity 9611.  The shirts are a little creased in the pictures from being folded for a while.  The fabric is from JoAnn’s.

Laura's shirt front  Laura's shirt back  Kelly's shirt front  Kelly's shirt back

December 15, 2004

My First Scarf

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This is my first knitted project.  My mom taught me how to knit over Thanksgiving weekend and this is what I came up with when I was at home recuperating from jaw surgery.  It was a really basic pattern:
Row 1, 3, 6, 8: K across
Row 2, 4, 5, 7: P across
..repeated until I ran out of yarn.  It was really just for practice.  The yarn is Caron Wintuk Colonial Blue Ombre (3539) 100% acrylic that I got at AC Moore.  I used size 10 needles.

Scarf  Scarf  Scarf

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