more bookpiles

Well I went back and redid the original bookpile to include the missing title. The additional book, Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction, I got a few years ago at a used bookshop in West Philly. I had lost my mind as usual when walking into a bookstore and, conveniently forgetting I was broke, filled my arms with books. I managed to snap out of it before going up to pay and was trying to decide what to put back when I leaned against a shelf and a book fell out on my head. It was that one. I had to laugh. And I had to buy it.


Since that bookpile is more random books that I felt like putting together than what they asked for though, I also did another one with titles that I feel describe LT itself, its users, employees, or features.


Now I need to reshelve all the books that are strewn all over my apartment from this.

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