Seven Deadly Sins

I’m invited to a party for a couple who can’t get married due to being gay but just moved in together and are having a “living in sin” party instead. Everyone has to dress up as one of their favorite sins or sinners. A sin being one of the seven deadly sins, or a sinner being something like a pimp, gay priest, pregnant nun, Jack the Ripper, etc. I think one of the sins itself would be most fun but I’ve found or thought of so many good ideas that I can’t choose which one I want to be. Help!

Envy – Envy is associated with green, and what better costume than the green man suit that Charlie wears in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Gluttony – I could dress as Bacchus, the god of wine, in a toga / tunic and drink from a bottle of wine all night.

Sloth – Sloth from the Goonies might be better suited to a man, and the face would be a little tricky, but I’m pretty sure it would be the coolest costume there.

Lust – Lust would be the easiest thing to dress up as, just wear something sexy, but I’m pretty sure 95% of the girls will do this one. I wanted this dress any way and was going to use the party as an excuse to buy it but turns out it’s backordered until March. Some kind of stripper costume would be more suited any way.

Greed – The Grinch? Scrooge? A few Christmas ones could work here.

Pride – Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. I think this one would involve a lot of explaining myself to every person I talk to though.

Wrath – I haven’t thought of anything particularly fun for wrath but it could involve just yelling and cursing and being generally angry all night.

I guess I’m leaning towards envy or gluttony. The green man suit is just hilarious, but it would also be fun to make the tunic and wander around with my own personal bottle of wine.

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