1,000 books

I’ve apparently been buying too many books lately because I just reached 1,000 for my library. A complete works set of Jane Austen hardcovers rounded it out. I know the number because of librarything, one of my favorite websites. (Incidentally, I just got runner up in a bookpile contest there that I entered over two years ago.) Why do I need more books? I don’t, particularly. But you can get almost any book used on amazon for $4 or less, and in good condition too. I got a still plastic-wrapped, signed, numbered, first edition hardcover for $4. This is generally why I try not to go into bookstores, and especially used bookstores or library sales. It’s so easy to walk away from those with oh, say twenty or more books per visit. At this point, I literally cannot cram one more single book into my bookshelves and I don’t have room for more shelves so I suppose I will have to stop. And all this at a time when everyone I know is getting a Kindle or Nook. While I think those devices have their place (good for travel, ability to search, nice to have everything in one minimalist place), I don’t think I will ever stop buying books. I don’t just love reading, I love books. I like having a physical book in my hands, I like collecting them, I think they’re pretty, and I especially like old books. Besides the fact that I think ebooks cost way too much, you can’t buy them used, and there are limited lending capabilities, you just can’t get the same feeling with a Kindle.


  • iris says:

    I don’t know anyone with enough time to read for pleasure (we all have too much research-reading), so I don’t know anyone who owns a Kindle. You’re not alone, in some ways ;)

    I have been [slowly] collecting the Penguin Classics Hardbound editions, though. Because even though I don’t have time to read them, they’re *really* nice to look at.

  • Kris says:

    Those Penguin Classics are very good looking! I was going to start buying them but I already own a lot of the books they have.

  • Sheila Burton says:

    I would be thrilled if you had any books by Daniela Turudich. I am especially interested in Plucked, Shaved, and Braided if you have it.

    Thank you,


  • Kris says:

    Shelia, I don’t have any of her books, although I also really want them. Let me know if you find a source.

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