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garden update

I’ve forgotten to do updates on my garden. For a while this summer, everything was growing well. I harvested a ton of green beans, edamame, and herbs, many of which are still in my freezer (the herbs in pesto sauce form). My tomatoes came in late due to the late planting so I was still […]

bean harvest

There are suddenly tons of green beans. The edamame bushes that I planted from seed are twice as big as the bean bushes I planted already started from the farmers market so now I’m wondering when those will start to pop out.

the first fruits of my garden

Or herbs, as the case may be. I grabbed some basil today… …to make my favorite pesto sauce. (If that looks like a lot, it’s because you can’t just eat some of this pesto sauce. You eat it all. Well, I froze half for later to remove it from temptation.) Since I got my garden […]

community garden

My town has a community garden. This is the second year they’re doing it and if you were in the first year, you had first dibs on the same spot for this year. I wanted to get in but I ended up on a waiting list since it was already full. If people hadn’t done […]