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Honda Dream restoration

My grandfather has an old 1966 Honda Dream (CA77) that my uncle and I are going to start restoring. My uncle had started restoring it in the 80s I think but it got pushed aside when he became sick and I don’t think it’s been touched much since then. The bike and my uncle are […]

Going to the West

Day 1: NJ, PA. I had planned to leave late Friday afternoon but when do I ever leave for a trip on time? I probably didn’t get going until after 5:00, with my plan to get to Pittsburgh. I knew it was supposed to rain a little farther west so I started out with rain […]

Delaware Valley Bluegrass

I camped at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival for the fourth time this Labor Day weekend. We had a pretty big compound this year, I’d say almost 20 people, so lots of jamming went on. As for the acts this weekend, there were some great bands again. I really enjoyed Marty Stuart, who I saw […]

1 year

It’s been a little over a year since I got my Sportster and I’ve put a little over 11,000 miles on it in that time. I just got some new tires and a few other things to get me started for spring (not that I stopped riding in winter). I haven’t really changed anything big […]

Wintergrass / ERC

On Friday night we went down to Wilmington to check out the Wilmington Winter Bluegrass Festival. It’s the same deal as other festivals, except it’s in a hotel. Weird at first but people just jam in the hallways and conference rooms instead of around campfires in a field. I have to say I prefer the […]

November trip on the Sporty

Day 1 Destination: Raleigh, NC. Got a late start, of course, because I left some things to do in the morning that I should have already had done. The day was gorgeous but it seemed like I was riding into the sun the whole time, even though I was headed south. A little bit of […]

first long(ish) bike trip

Well I did my first long(er than a weekend) bike trip – five days but only a little over a thousand miles. I ended up spending more time visiting family and friends than I did riding. I went out to central PA then up to central NY before coming back home to NJ. Only about […]

American Borders

I’m currently reading American Borders by Carla King. The woman rides around the borders of the United States on a Ural (cool looking Russian sidecar motorcycle). I can’t get enough of books like this and it makes me want to quit my job and ride around the country for a few months. Of course, not […]

Traveling a lot

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I was home a total of 4 days in May, and then I was away the first two weeks of June. Here’s a recap of the most interesting stuff: San Francisco Eddie Rickenbacker’s is a fantastic bar that has all these old motorcycles hanging from the ceiling […]