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True Grit

I am incredibly excited for the new Coen brothers movie coming out this winter – True Grit. The book by Charles Portis is probably one of my favorites. The 1969 John Wayne movie is great. (As is its 1975 sequel based on the main character, Rooster Cogburn.) I’m a big fan of the Coen brothers […]

Iron Jawed Angels

I recently saw Iron Jawed Angels and I can’t say enough good about it. Fantastic movie and I’ll be buying a copy for my younger sisters. I won’t bother describing it, just go watch it. Inez Milholland, 1913 “I said she was prepared to starve to death in order to further her cause.” “Okay, I’m […]


I took my little sisters to see Enchanted last night.  Or I guess I should say, I really wanted to see it, and used them as my excuse (although at almost 13 and 17 they’re getting a little old to be my excuse for seeing children’s movies).  It was really great though.  I had read […]

a few things

After my parents’ party last weekend, we all spent Sunday lounging around eating, sleeping, watching movies, and reading. It was fantastic. Cat Ballou is a great movie. Tullamore Dew is my favorite.

Black Snake Moan

I really want to see this movie, based on the soundtrack alone. You can listen to the whole thing at the website. I love the Black Keys.

I love tango

“El Tango de Roxanne” (Moulin Rouge) Pierre and Morgan (Take the Lead) Sasha, Ramos and Danjour (Take the Lead) “The Tango Maureen” (RENT) What are some other tango scenes?