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I put a fire pit in my yard this weekend. Why it never occurred to me before now, I have no idea. There was a ring of bricks in the ground out there before I moved in (3 years ago now, jeez) but it was way too close to the shed, and had a very […]

National Parks

Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary is reairing on PBS this month, and you can watch it online as well here. Each episode is only available online for a short amount of time and episode 1 ends tomorrow. Did you know that you can get an annual pass to the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands […]

Batona Trail

I started hiking the Batona Trail today with my dad and some friends. Batona stands for Back To Nature. It’s the longest blazed trail in South Jersey, 50 miles through the Pinelands, and was created by a hiking club out of Philadelphia in 1961. We’re planning on doing it in 8-10 mile increments over the […]

Going to the West

Day 1: NJ, PA. I had planned to leave late Friday afternoon but when do I ever leave for a trip on time? I probably didn’t get going until after 5:00, with my plan to get to Pittsburgh. I knew it was supposed to rain a little farther west so I started out with rain […]

Delaware Valley Bluegrass

I camped at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival for the fourth time this Labor Day weekend. We had a pretty big compound this year, I’d say almost 20 people, so lots of jamming went on. As for the acts this weekend, there were some great bands again. I really enjoyed Marty Stuart, who I saw […]

Wissahickon Valley Park

I finally made it out to Wissahickon Valley Park yesterday to try hiking there. I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while since I heard there was nice hiking and it’s right in Philly. Usually I have to drive an hour or two to get to nice (not flat) hiking so I wasn’t […]

November trip on the Sporty

Day 1 Destination: Raleigh, NC. Got a late start, of course, because I left some things to do in the morning that I should have already had done. The day was gorgeous but it seemed like I was riding into the sun the whole time, even though I was headed south. A little bit of […]

Traveling a lot

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I was home a total of 4 days in May, and then I was away the first two weeks of June. Here’s a recap of the most interesting stuff: San Francisco Eddie Rickenbacker’s is a fantastic bar that has all these old motorcycles hanging from the ceiling […]

Ricketts Glen State Park

I stayed at Ricketts Glen State Park this past weekend. I had said I’d drive, so of course it snowed again. I love snowy rush hours on Friday nights when driving far. Most of the ride was okay, although I did about half the speed limit after Hickory Run again, especially after leaving the turnpike. […]

Tobyhanna State Park

I went up to the Poconos last weekend for a “ski” trip. I don’t ski though so I spent it tubing and hiking and managed to persuade a few other non-skiers to join me. We were right near Tobyhanna State Park so decided to check out the trails there. There were about 6-8 inches of […]