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Day 1: Our overnight flight was delayed in departing by about two hours but we managed to only arrive one hour late. I got maybe three hours of horrible sleep; those chairs are so uncomfortable. Getting someone at the car rental counter took forever, and then he told me that they don’t work with Mastercard […]

Going to the West

Day 1: NJ, PA. I had planned to leave late Friday afternoon but when do I ever leave for a trip on time? I probably didn’t get going until after 5:00, with my plan to get to Pittsburgh. I knew it was supposed to rain a little farther west so I started out with rain […]

November trip on the Sporty

Day 1 Destination: Raleigh, NC. Got a late start, of course, because I left some things to do in the morning that I should have already had done. The day was gorgeous but it seemed like I was riding into the sun the whole time, even though I was headed south. A little bit of […]

Traveling a lot

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I was home a total of 4 days in May, and then I was away the first two weeks of June. Here’s a recap of the most interesting stuff: San Francisco Eddie Rickenbacker’s is a fantastic bar that has all these old motorcycles hanging from the ceiling […]

car / travel

I just bought a car – black 5 speed ’08 Corolla LE. My dad’s coworker’s husband is the sales manager at a Toyota dealership nearby so I’m getting it below invoice. Picking it up Saturday. Good thing because my current car’s fan broke 2 weeks ago. Just in time for the hottest 2 weeks of […]