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Target Women

Sarah Haskins takes on media aimed at women and it’s hilarious:

Arrested Development

Can I just say what a hilarious show this is? When it was actually on TV I never watched it, despite my roommate watching it every week and loving it. I finally watched it on Hulu a few months ago and loved it so much I had to get it on DVD, which just arrived […]

True Blood

I’ve really been enjoying HBO’s new True Blood series. I wasn’t sure I would from the initial previews but I’ve liked Anna Paquin in other movies and I love Louisiana so I decided to check it out any way. I told my mom about it after seeing it since she likes vampire books and movies, […]

Long Way Round

I finally got the DVDs for Long Way Round, Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman’s 2004 round the world motorcycle trip. They had filmed it and turned it into a show, which apparently aired on Bravo but I never saw it. I had to order the DVDs from because I wasn’t finding them still available […]

Comanche Moon

The Comanche Moon miniseries is finally set to air on CBS. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s the last of the adaptations of the books, and again Larry McMurtry was a co-screenwriter so it will be very true to the story. There are a bunch of clips available on CBS’s website […]

more videos, yay

Since I’m apparently on a youtube kick, here are some videos to end the day: Freedom I’m not really an Eminem fan but I absolutely loved this video when it came out.

Larry McMurtry

Comanche Moon (Chapter 1 here) is being made into a mini-series! Steve Zahn is playing Gus, which I think should fit just fine. Some Australian actor who I don’t know is playing Woodrow. He’d better be good. Val Kilmer is in it too. I love him. It looks like this will be coming out on […]