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baby time

Monday, February 13th, 2006

I have a friend who’s expecting. I can’t wait to make stuff for her and the baby. Pregnant women are so cute. :)


Monday, February 13th, 2006

My hair is at the point where it’s curling in all weird directions at the bottom. If I can hang in there for another inch or two I should be good.

So on Saturday my parents and a bunch of people my dad works with rented a limo to go to some restaurant in South Philly. Then they met me and Mike and a bar near his place afterward. So I’m standing there talking to my dad and his friends, and some old guy taps me on the shoulder on starts hitting on me. A guy closer to my father’s age than my own interrupted my conversation with my father to hit on me. Haha how ridiculous is that? My dad was pretty gone so he just shook his head and pulled me away after a minute. Then they had to leave and he started telling Michael not to let anyone talk to me. Hilarious.

My bus never came this morning so some other lady who was waiting for it and I started walking down to the subway. She was telling me how she works at City Hall and they have 70 marriages scheduled during a two hour period on Valentine’s Day. And at the Franklin Institute this weekend, the heart was open for 51 hours straight so that people could get married in front of it. What’s with getting married on Valentine’s Day? I mean I guess it’ll give the day some meaning for the couple besides just being a Hallmark thing but still.