True Blood

I’ve really been enjoying HBO’s new True Blood series. I wasn’t sure I would from the initial previews but I’ve liked Anna Paquin in other movies and I love Louisiana so I decided to check it out any way. I told my mom about it after seeing it since she likes vampire books and movies, and it turns out she already has the complete series of books by Charlaine Harris that the show is based on and says they’re great, really funny. Now I’m a big proponent of always reading the book before seeing the movie (or tv show) but at this point I’m already into the show. Apparently it’s following the plot of the first book fairly well so I don’t want to ruin what’s happening next in it by reading the book. But I always read the books first! They’re usually the better story. It’s a dilemma. I think maybe I’ll watch the first season, then read all the books. I’m sure the show will start to deviate more and more from the books as it goes on so it won’t matter much any more.

I really like the opening credits too. The song is “Bad Things” by Jace Everett:

On second thought, I probably will just borrow the books from my mom now. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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