I made this very simple but cute baby dress and a friend convinced me I could be selling more just like it on Etsy. Then we went fabric shopping and I bought too much fabric so I’m in. Right now I only have a few 4th of July prints up (had to rush to get those finished since I didn’t realize how close the 4th was) but I have way more prints ready to be made. You know, just something else to fill up all that free time I have.


  • iris says:

    These look cute, I sure hope they’re easy to make! So many crafts are too time consuming to be worth selling, although these little dresses seem simple enough.

  • Kris says:

    hey Iris, they aren’t too bad. Right now it’s taking about an hour per dress but that should go down as I get used to making them more and start getting them going in an assembly line fashion instead of one by one. I’ve still been figuring a few things out as I go so that’s why it’s taking longer.

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