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oh Delta

I’m in New Orleans for a conference, flew down yesterday. It coincided with a trip to Lafayette, LA, I was planning on taking for a music festival. My trip out just got progressively worse. At first they were little problems with quick solutions, but then the solutions stopped appearing. 1. Couldn’t check in online and […]

car / travel

I just bought a car – black 5 speed ’08 Corolla LE. My dad’s coworker’s husband is the sales manager at a Toyota dealership nearby so I’m getting it below invoice. Picking it up Saturday. Good thing because my current car’s fan broke 2 weeks ago. Just in time for the hottest 2 weeks of […]


A friend of mine rented a 34 foot inflatable slip-n-slide for her graduation party yesterday. It was the most fun ever, but I can barely move today.

I have a place to live

I found an apartment yesterday. It was posted on craigslist around noon, I saw it and called around 1, went to look at it at 2, and it was mine. It’s the top of a cute old Victorian. It has a deck, 2 parking spaces, and most importantly, a washer and dryer! I’m going to […]

cc fraud

There are a bunch of fraudulent charges on my credit card. They called me because of some suspicious activities just to verify that I didn’t make the charges, and now I’m waiting for a call back to go over everything in more detail. How do they determine that a charge is suspicious? Is it because […]


I’ve been looking at bikes again. With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, there’s been tons of them out. Also my one friend and her boyfriend just got some (Ninja 250s). I have to buy a car this summer but I’m thinking I’ll get a bike next summer. I’ve been looking at the Vulcan […]


I saw Spamalot at the Academy of Music tonight. My friend’s family all got tickets for Christmas: her parents, her brother and his fiance, and she and her boyfriend. She’s since broken up with the boyfriend so I got his ticket. Spamalot is basically pieces of the Holy Grail with some other scenes thrown in. […]


Sometimes I go to my parents’ house right before my little sisters get home from school, then turn on music really loud and make them dance with me as soon as they get home. The 12 year old enjoys rolling her eyes and sighing and standing there not moving as I move her arms and […]

I’m very graceful

I slipped on the ice yesterday, fell and sprained my elbow. The left one, of course. In case you don’t know, I have fallen and broken my left arm twice before. So this makes two and a half? The bone isn’t broken, just the ligaments. I actually fell mostly on my right side because I’m […]