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new blog location

I’ve decided to set my personal blog up here, after this domain going through various things for years. The main domain will remain my knit blog. I’ll eventually be moving some old posts over from a livejournal I had started in college. Just the posts, I’m not too worried about the comments or anything else. […]

a few things

After my parents’ party last weekend, we all spent Sunday lounging around eating, sleeping, watching movies, and reading. It was fantastic. Cat Ballou is a great movie. Tullamore Dew is my favorite.

I have a male brain

I took this BBC Science and Nature Sex ID quiz to see whether I had a male or female brain. I was kind of thinking it’d be more male since I’m a computer science major for one, but also because I don’t usually have a lot of the female drama thing going on that a […]

Eugenics and Sex Harmony

I came across this great book from the 1930s at a friend’s place last night. It’s incredibly funny. The sexism in it is just outrageous. One of the questions it addresses is “Are women human beings?”

words of wisdom

“The internet is going to destroy the world one day, and you don’t want to get touched by a child molester while it does.” – My brother’s view of the internet / meeting someone from the internet. Because everyone on the internet molests children, and so would be coming after me, a 22 year old.