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TIME: The Real Meaning of 4,000 Dead

The Real Meaning of 4,000 Dead Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2008 By LIEUT. SEAN WALSH The passing of the 4,000th service member in Iraq is a tragic milestone and a testament to the cost of this war, but for those of us who live and fight in Iraq, we measure that cost in smaller, but much […]

CNN heroes

CNN is having a final round of voting to choose a “hero” to feature onair. One of them came to my attention through the usual random degrees (as a matter of fact, he’s my uncle’s colleague’s brother’s grandson) – Pat Pedraja. He’s a 12 year old boy fighting leukemia who started Driving for Donors, which […]


There was a benefit last night for Sean McQuade, the boy from my high school who was injured at VT. It was at the Dippy’s Ice Cream in Mantua. They donated 10% of the proceeds, and the girls who work there donated their time and all of their tip money. You couldn’t get parking anywhere […]

Sean McQuade Alumni Fund

A boy from my high school was shot in the face on Monday. Here is a article about him. A fund has just set up for Sean McQuade and his family. It was set up by fellow Clearview 2003 alum, Michael Camp, and English teacher at Clearview, Tracy Matozzo (formerly Malloy). This account is […]

pipeline to VA

I finally got a subscription to CNN Pipeline today so I could stay updated on the Virginia Tech shootings. A friend of mine from high school is a grad student there. I knew she was okay as of 11:45. I couldn’t get in contact with her directly since obviously the network down there was very […]

big families

Apparently big families are trendy right now. I don’t see how that makes any sense. Having kids isn’t a trend. You can’t get rid of them when it’s not trendy any more. And this article considers “big” to be anything more than 2. I don’t consider my family with 4 kids big, I consider it […]


Philadelphia is smoke free! I’m going to Corning this weekend. I’m planning on knitting / crocheting a ton while I’m there, and of course I won’t get done what I want to get done. Just like on every break. I think I’ll be taking my uncle to see Little Miss Sunshine. I’ve heard good things. […]

phila smoking ban

*** YOUNG INVOLVED PHILADELPHIA BULLETIN *** Smoking Ban Update: Puff, Puff…Pass Already!! After six years of deliberation and compromise, we are disappointed to inform you that the smoking ban legislation that finally passed City Council in spring is now in jeopardy. Mayor Street has said he’s not sure he’s going to pass the smoking ban […]