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American Borders

I’m currently reading American Borders by Carla King. The woman rides around the borders of the United States on a Ural (cool looking Russian sidecar motorcycle). I can’t get enough of books like this and it makes me want to quit my job and ride around the country for a few months. Of course, not […]

Comanche Moon

The Comanche Moon miniseries is finally set to air on CBS. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s the last of the adaptations of the books, and again Larry McMurtry was a co-screenwriter so it will be very true to the story. There are a bunch of clips available on CBS’s website […]


I’m signed up to take the Basic Rider Course on the last weekend of March. My plan is to start getting gear ahead of time and then find a good used bike in April. I’m thinking a HD Sportster 1200. I was planning on the 883 but I’ve been told that when riding with others […]


I took my little sisters to see Enchanted last night.  Or I guess I should say, I really wanted to see it, and used them as my excuse (although at almost 13 and 17 they’re getting a little old to be my excuse for seeing children’s movies).  It was really great though.  I had read […]

Fitted Knits

I just got Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I want to make pretty much every sweater in the book. You can preview a bunch of the patterns over at KnitPicks.


I just got Trinity by Leon Uris off of I’m having a hard time not reading it. Not that I have time for an 800 page novel, but I started the first couple of chapters this morning. Bad idea because now I’m hooked. I have other books that I’m in the middle of too: […]

Daniela Turudich (Soberman?)

I want all of her books. But they’re all out of print and selling for ridiculous prices, even though they were printed in the last 5 years. Here are some of her books to give you an idea: And I can find absolutely no information on the author either. You have no idea how much […]

Larry McMurtry

Comanche Moon (Chapter 1 here) is being made into a mini-series! Steve Zahn is playing Gus, which I think should fit just fine. Some Australian actor who I don’t know is playing Woodrow. He’d better be good. Val Kilmer is in it too. I love him. It looks like this will be coming out on […]